John Johnson

Assistant Superintendent

Email:  jjohnson@socalnetwork.org


CityServe is our SoCal Network Compassion arm.  There are 10 initiatives that make up our focused outreach.

Pastor Kyle Johnson will be serving the SoCal Network in a new role as the SoCal CityServe Specialist—connecting churches with the CityServe collaborative network to be mobilized for greater impact in their neighboring communities.

He will serve the SoCal Network by:
Assisting churches through the CityServe onboard journey
Providing CityServe news and updates
Identifying engagement opportunities tailored for individual churches Addressing specific questions

Pastor Kyle has been part of the SoCal Network for the past 20 years. He has served in three churches, most recently Glad Tidings in Hanford. As Kyle led the church to serve its community as a CityServe POD, he witnessed first-hand the power of the collaboration and its effect to help churches restore relationships with those in need.

I believe churches have a unique opportunity to join this church-based community compassion movement that CityServe has to offer. CityServe will empower churches to engage deeply for lasting change. I'm honored to help them along the path.

Email him at kyle@cityserve.us

Click Here to visit their website - city serve.us


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